How To Throw A Great Party

Looking for some advice on how to throw a great party? Throwing a party can be some serious work. Don’t be scared though. Hard work in this case is well worth it. Throwing a great party is an excellent way to get laid and known. So, listen up and learn how to throw a great party. To throw a great party, it is a good idea to know the crowd you are throwing the party for or who you want to invite. What are the musical tastes of the partiers? Their ages will be important too, but take a little advice: load up on the liquor and keep the minimum age level at 21. Give yourself plenty of room for your party and keep it someplace you can let loose. Read on and learn some tricks to throwing a great party.

What you will need to pull this off:

  • Keg(s)
  • Booze
  • Chicks
  • Finger food
  • Bros
  • Disc jockey or a rad sound system
  • Indoor and outdoor place to get down
  • Privacy points
  1. If you are planning on throwing a party at your pad, hit up the neighbors. Invite them and hope they turn you down, but most of all, give them a heads-up. Come up with a shut-down time and stretch it. If you are really serious, check into the noise level laws for your area. Most towns and cities have noise regulations and a curfew set for loud activities.
  2. Invite who you know and who you like. Let them bring their own guest if they like, but tell them to make sure they are of age, hot or cool. Depending on the volume of guests, gauge the amount of booze you'll need. Don’t skimp here because kegs and the hard stuff keep the crowd buzzing.
  3. Select the best music for the crowd and crank it. Keep a few of your friends on point. Always have someone at the door to great the guest and to check the identification of anyone you are not sure of. A great party will always have the cops by at some time. Last thing you need is the headaches of serving booze to a minor.
  4. Keep roaming the guests. Have plenty of cups and trash cans available. Have food set up across the area. Keep a few of your friends roaming as well. Most of all, have a great time. You won’t be getting laid during the party, but afterwards, the door is open. Mingle and make certain everyone is having a good time.


  • Be prepared to spend a ton of money.
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