How To Throw A Hawaiian Theme Birthday Party

If you want to be famous for giving kick-ass parties, learn how to throw a Hawaiian theme birthday party, known as a Luau. Your guest of honor will remember the evening as the party of his lifetime.  And if you are giving it for your own birthday, so much the better. Who is more deserving? A few simple steps will guarantee your guests leave with a smile.

  1. Design your outdoor area.  If you don't have real palm trees, buy a few and set them around the yard. Since a Hawaiian theme birthday party is most impressive in the dark, Tiki lights will set the mood and provide the perfect amount of light for the perimeter. Additional lighting will be provided by a fire pit.  The more primitive the fire pit, the better it will reflect the true Hawaiian party spirit.  
  2. Kill a pig. You might want to leave that to a local farmer. Traditionally, an entire pig would be roasted by hot lava rocks that are buried in the ground, then carried out to the crowd on a spit. For your Hawaiian theme birthday party, I suggest serving pre-butchered pork from your grill. Good side dishes, as well as great decorative items, are pineapples, coconuts, and bananas.
  3. Dress the part. This is an important part of a Hawaiian theme birthday party. Emphasize to  your female guests that they are required to come in native attire, which would be grass skirts and bikini tops. The guys can wear a Hawaiian shirt–who really cares what they wear? As each person arrives, greet them with a Hawaiian Flower Lei.
  4. Provide entertainment. Buy Hawaiian music, or borrow it from your library. If there is musical talent among your group, provide a ukulele and a drum. Purchase a bamboo pole for playing Limbo to find out which guests are the most limber.  Hula hoop contests are fun to watch, especially when the contestants are wearing grass skirts. The best part of the Hawaiian theme birthday party will be when you announce the special highlight of the evening, the exotic hula dancers.

Remember, above all else, enjoy the Hawaiian theme birthday party! Don't overburden yourself with details. Provide the setting and the rest of the night will fall into place.



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