How To Throw A Hook Bowling

If you are looking to improve your overall bowling score, the best way is to learn how to throw a hook in bowling. Hooking the bowling ball puts it on a better path toward the pins, since when the ball hits the pocket next to the head pin at about a 30 degree angle, its trajectory maximizes its contact with the pins. If you want to throw a hook, you need to learn how to release the ball correctly so that the ball spins as it moves down the lane, instead of just rolling down the lane. Throwing a hook is not a natural process, and it will take some practice until you get a feel for how to release the ball properly.

  1. Line up your shot. Hold the bowling ball in front of you with your fingers in the ball and your thumb pointing towards you. Step to the right so that you will be releasing the ball close to the right gutter, or the left gutter if you are a lefty.
  2. Bring the ball back behind you as you walk forward. Swing your arm back and raise the ball up behind you, with all three fingers holding on to the bowling ball. To throw a hook, you want to rotate your hard outward slightly. Walk slowly toward the lane. If you rush you will simply throw the ball without control. Proper form tops pure power every time.
  3. Swing the ball toward the pins and release it. As you bring the ball to the ground, start to rotate your hand toward your leg. Slide your thumb out of the ball as it reaches the ground. To throw a hook, continue to rotate your hand toward you while you release your fingers from the ball.
  4. Keep bringing your arm forward after releasing the ball. Following through helps make sure that you are releasing the bowling ball properly. Without the follow through you can stop moving your arm forward too soon, causing the ball to hook into the gutter instead of hooking toward the pins.
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