How To Throw A Horror Movie Night

There are many unique ways to throwing a horror movie night, but here are some of the best ways on how to throw a horror movie night, especially if you are looking to really pump your guests full of fear.

  1. A projector set up outdoors can really add an eerie vibe to your horror movie night. Being outdoors, especially if you are watching a movie that includes a serial killer on the loose outside can really get the adrenaline pumping.
  2. Leave all lights out in your living room if you cannot set up a projector outdoors. Lights off tend to scare people more than if you were to leave them on.
  3. Have all snacks and food out and readily available so you do not have to get up and down during the movie.
  4. Schedule the movie night close to Halloween. It just adds to the creepy vibe, and more people will come for the occasion.
  5. If you are outdoors, before playing the movie exchange scary stories around a fire pit. It just pumps your guests minds full of the paranormal.
  6. Don't talk during the movie. Your silence could add to the whole creepy vibe you are trying to set.
  7. Pick oldies but goodies. New movies are great still, yes, but nothing beats an old horror movie.
  8. To really add some eeriness to the setting of your horror movie night, throw and Ouija board on a coffee table.
  9. Some of your guests may need to use the bathroom during the movie. To really go the extra mile, change the lightbulb in your bathroom to a dark blood red bulb, or purple.
  10. Lastly, just sit back and enjoy your horror movie night!



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