How To Throw A Knuckleball In Fastpitch Softball

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to throw a knuckleball in fastpitch softball.  This is a great pitch for athletes to learn how to throw, as when it is done correctly, it is very difficult to hit.  Learning this pitch can make you a very valuable asset to your team.  You'll be striking out opponents in no time at all!

  1. Hold the sofball tightly, making sure your index, middle, and ring fingers are positioned below the seams of the ball. Dig these fingers as tightly into the softball as possible.
  2. Carefully position your thumb below the softball, giving it as much support as possible. Your pinkie shouldn't be touching the softball at all–make sure it is off to the side.
  3. Start your windup. At this point, be sure to pivot correctly. Also, during an effective pivot, the pitcher's body weight should shift from the back foot towards home plate.
  4. Throw the softball towards your catcher. Unlike other pitches, when throwing a knuckle ball in fastpitch softball, it is essential that the pitcher not flick the wrist. Instead, keep the wrist as stable as possible. This will eliminate spin.
  5. As with other fastpitch softball pitches, follow through. Extend your fingers fully as you release the softball. Make sure your feet are parallel by the end of the pitch.
  6. Practice throwing this pitch, as it is one of the more difficult ones. Make sure you have confidence in your knuckleball before using it in game situations.
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