How To Throw A Masquerade Party

Knowing how to throw a masquerade party is similar to any themed party except the anonymity of the partygoers. Guests normally dress in costumes and masks and it can be fun to guess who's who in a costume. Gather ideas on what you need to have a great masquerade celebration.

  1. Ask yourself what you want the theme to be. To throw a masquerade party, it is important to know what theme you want for your party, however there is no set rules how your party must be. Do you prefer big ballroom styled parties where everyone dresses elegantly? Birthday parties? Holiday themed parties? Masquerade parties normally have these types of themes but you can be creative and throw one to your liking.
  2. Know the location. Figure out the amount of guests you want at the party and the perfect spot to host it. You can hold larger parties at a venue. For small to medium size parties, you can throw the masquerade party in your home or backyard. Research the cost if you plan to have the party at a venue and do your research on which place with the best price and size for your guest.
  3. Buy decorations. Your masquerade party should go according to your theme, so buy decorations related to it. You can buy items at a party supply store or go online and look for party decorations that suit the event.
  4. Send invitations. Depending on the number of people attending, buy your invitations in bulk and add a little style to it, such designs or pictures. Add the address of where the masquerade party will take place, including the time and date. You can also set a little reminder in the back of the card, reminding how your guests should dress.
  5. Request your guest to buy masks. Be specific on the type of masks you want your guest to have. Glitter and feather masks or one with simple or bold colors? To save your guests time, give them a list of which stores sell mask so they can find one that fits their costume.
  6. Supply food, music, drinks and games. A party can be quite dull without either of the four; the food could be anything you and your guests enjoy, whether it is finger food or pizza. Serve alcohol to each guest and provide games they can play. Mystery games, such as "Clue," is a perfect choice because of the anonymity of everyone concealing his or her identities behind their masks.
  7. Get crafty. If you do not have the money to hold a huge party, make the most of your decorations from home. Arts and craft stores such as Michael's or Joann supply crafts material. You can use whatever you have in your home as well. Have a family member or friend help you cook dinner for your guests.
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