How To Throw A Mikasa Water Polo Ball

Water Polo players know how to throw a Mikasa water polo ball. If you want to learn how to throw a Mikasa water polo ball, your best bet is to mirror them. The Mikasa water polo ball is made specifically for people to throw it. Check out the grooves in the ball. Feel how easy it is to grip in one hand. By the way, if you can't grip a Mikasa water polo ball with one hand, you'd better learn. If you're not a goalie in the sport of water polo, you can only use one hand to throw a Mikasa water polo ball. So, let's get it going. Here's how to throw a Mikasa water polo ball.

  1. Get a grip. Before throwing the Mikasa water polo ball, you need to get used to holding it. Like we mentioned earlier, as a fielder, you can only use one hand to control the ball. So, whatever your strong hand is, practice holding the ball. Of your hands are big enough to naturally palm the ball then you're golden. If they're slightly smaller then you'll really have to practice gripping the ball. Playing with the ball outside of the pool is useless. You need to be practicing with the ball in the water. Holding a wet ball is a lot different then trying to control a dry one. If you can't palm the ball it's up to you to figure out how to hold the ball so that it maximizes the level of control you have over the ball and how you throw it.
  2. Passing without the help of the water. Overhead passes are done with one hand. You can move while looking for the pass. It's important that you practice your accuracy. Lobs are OK but you leave a lot to chance with these types of passes. They only work over short distances. You're better off line driving a pass straight to your teammates. Passing through a crowd of defenders is also risky, but a skilled passer will know how to thread the needle. It's all up to how you practice. Drills are cool but it's much more effective to use scrimmages to improve any skill pertaining to the sport you're playing.
  3. The water is your friend. You can use the buoyancy of the ball to pull off the water polo equivalent of a bounce pass. Throwing the ball at an angle towards the water will cause it to bounce forward in the direction you tossed. There are other ways to manipulate the water passes as well. It's just a matter of playing around. Remember, you can only use the one hand to pull off the passes.
  4. Offensive strategy. Guys just don't float around aimlessly in  the pool during a water polo match. There are many variations on offensive sets that maximize your chances to score while minimizing the chance of the defense to intercept the ball. It's all about ball movement and attempting to get the goalie out of position so you can get good looks at the goal. These are things your team will have to put together based on your players' offensive strengths and weaknesses. For example you will probably design a few plays to get you best shooter closer to the goal in order to increase the chance he has of scoring.
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