How To Throw An Over The Hill Birthday

Need to know how to throw an over the hill birthday? You look around and friends and family and you see it is time to throw an Over the Hill birthday party. Someone in the bunch is getting older and you want to make sure that everyone is there to celebrate and give them a hard time. When a friend reaches this milestone, throw an Over the Hill birthday party to commemorate the moment together. Here are a few ideas to help you put the party together.

  1. Choose a date and time. Try to have the party on a day that you know the guest of honor will be able to attend. Usually, the weekends are the best time for a birthday party. You also want to decide whether or not this is going to be a surprise.
  2. Find a location. Think about the time of day or evening that you want to have the party as well as the current weather. You can have the party at your house, rent out a ramada at the park or even reserve a room at a restaurant.
  3. Come up with a guest list. Think about all of the people that would be interested in celebrating this person's birthday. You can send out paper invitations, emails or even make phone calls. If this is going to be a surprise Over the Hill birthday party, be sure to let all of the guests know so they don't spoil it! Because of the Over the Hill theme, consider asking guests to come dressed in all black.
  4. Make or order a cake. You can have a black cake to add to the purposefully drab feel of the party, or go with something more traditional. If you will not be able to pick up the cake, arrange to have it delivered or ask one of the guests to pick it up on the way to the party.
  5. Get some food together. Think about what the birthday boy or girl would really enjoy and make sure there is plenty of it. Also, be sure to get drinks and plates, napkins and utensils together. These can also be black to add to the party's theme.
  6. Consider allowing guests to make a toast. Because of the person's age, go around the room and allow everyone to share something about the guest of honor. You can also turn it into a roast, and let everyone make fun of the person.
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