How To Throw A Poker Party

Want to know how throw a poker party? It's an easy way to get together with friends and relax. It doesn't require much time, energy or effort, so it's no big deal to throw a poker party at the last minute. And hey, if you need a little extra cash, have everyone empty out the coin jars and play for the big bucks.

  1. Call the guys. Round everybody up and get them to the house. Poker parties are best at a house that is wife, girlfriend, and child free.
  2. Get the food ready. When you call everyone, ask them to pick something up on the way over. Stick to finger foods so you can play and eat at the same time. Wings, chips and salsa, and jalapeno poppers are a great start. These are great examples of party food.
  3. Make beverages available. Who wants to get up in the middle of the game to pick up another drink? Pack a cooler full of ice, throw in the drinks, and no one has to leave the table.
  4. Cigars are optional. Cigars are a poker party tradition. If smoking in the house is a big deal, look for a candle that takes away the smoke scent.
  5. Name the game and set the rules. Before you get started, make sure everyone know the rules and what type of poker you are playing. Think about a rotating dealer or a designated dealer. If playing for cash, get the money out on the table. If playing with chips, divide them up equally between everyone.
  6. Start playing. Deal the cards and enjoy the evening.



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