How To Throw A Rise Ball In Softball

Learning how to throw a rise ball in softball is an effective way to add a pitch to your repertoire. It is a very effective pitch in softball that can become a weapon to master for use in a softball game. Take the following steps and considerations into account to learn how to throw a rise ball in softball.

  1. Grip the ball correctly. The rise ball is gripped with the middle finger against the top seam. Your ring finger should lie against the bottom seam, while your index finger should be tucked against the ball.  Get used to this grip so that you can become more comfortable gripping the rise ball in softball.
  2. Go through your normal pitching motion. The difference is found in the release of the ball.Simply go through your normal pitching motion until this point to throw the rise ball in softball.
  3. Release the rise ball properly at the correct time.  The ball will be released slightly earlier than other pitches in softball. As the softball will rise, you will need to lower your release point accordingly to account for the rising of the softball when it reaches the target.
  4. Snap your palm when releasing the ball. When you release the softball, snap your palm to obtain the rising motion desired. Initially, your palm will be down.  Snap your palm upwards at the release point.
  5. Work on timing and accuracy. The rise ball will take some time to master. Make sure you accustom yourself to the release of the ball, both in timing and in snapping the wrist upwards. You will be able to control this decisive pitch and use it in games soon.
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