How to Throw a Screwball in Baseball

Many pitchers want to know how to throw a screwball in baseball. After all the screwball can have a paralyzing effect on hitters. The movement of the screwball is the opposite of a curveball, so when a right-handed hitter sees the ball rotation from a right-handed pitcher, he’s waiting for the pitch to break toward the outside of the plate. However, he’s suddenly surprised when it breaks inward. Here’s how to throw a screwball in baseball.


  • Baseball
  • Pitching mound
  • Catcher or target
  1. Grip the baseball. To throw a screwball in baseball, grip the baseball across the four seams (like a four seamed fastball) with your middle and index fingers slightly apart from one another. Allow your ring finger and pinky to touch on the side of the baseball. Your thumb will rest on the bottom of the baseball.
  2. Go into your wind-up. To throw a screwball in baseball, you want to keep your pitching motion the exact same as other pitches so that the hitter doesn’t know what is coming.
  3. Turn your palm outward. When it comes to the release of the screwball, the wrist motion will be the opposite of a curve ball. Think of the wrist action that occurs when you turn a screwdriver, your palm will turn out.
  4. Release the baseball and follow through. The rest of the pitching motion is the same. Simply follow through to throw a screwball, and get ready to field the baseball.

To throw a screwball in baseball that’s effective takes a lot of work. Because the wrist motion is counter-intuitive to how the wrist naturally moves, it will feel awkward at first. Continue practicing the screwball until you get the desired spinning motion on the baseball

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