How To Throw A Screwball In Softball

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to throw a screwball. While a screwball is not one of the most common types of pitches chosen by softball pitches, it can be very effective in striking out opponents. Practice it several times on your own before using it in a game or practice setting.

  1. Hold the softball with the index and middle fingers on top of the ball. Your fingers should cross the seams at the widest point. Make sure these two fingers are approximately half an inch away from each other.
  2. Position the thumb under the ball. It should lay across the seam, with the ring and pinkie finger curled around one side of the ball. The ring and pinkie finger should make minimal contact with the surface of the softball. When holding the ball, make sure to use the fingertips as much as possible, and avoid holding the softball in the palm of the hand.
  3. Begin your usual wind-up, shifting your body weight from the back foot towards the batter as you do so. As you release the ball, turn your wrist inwards in a motion similar to that of a corkscrew. This results in a pitch that breaks down for left-handed batters, any falls away from batter who are right-handed. Be sure to follow through completely with the pitch, just as if you were throwing a fast ball. Practice this type of softball pitch several times until you become comfortable with it. Your teammates won't believe you learned this pitch on your own!

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