How To Throw Sevens At Dice

Need to know how to throw sevens at dice? In every dice roll, there are 36 possible outcomes.  Out of the 36 possible outcomes, six combinations will result in a 7.  For non-mathematician majors, that translates into 1/6 (possible combinations) which is roughly a 16.6% chance. 

If you are willing to practice, there are mathematicians which believe that you can gain a statistical edge by rolling a certain way.  There are two parts of the technique for throwing 7’s.

  1. Set the Dice.  For the purpose of being consistent, it is important that you learn how to properly grip the dice.  The technique you will need to learn results in having the dice thrown with a minimum rotational spin. 
  2. Ideally, the dice should land right before hitting the back wall.  The dice will still need to hit the wall in order for the throw to be considered valid.    
  3. Practice at Home.  Practicing this may result in an expensive lesson, if you only try this in a casino environment.  Your best bet is to purchase or make a full size craps table.  Doing this before you go to an actual Casino is the best way to gain consistency.

Throwing 7’s is based on odds.  While the odds are that 1/6 throws will result in a 7, that outcome is based on an infinite number of rolls.  There will still be periods of time where you will not hit that percentage, while there will be other periods of time where it seems you will be rolling nothing but seven.    

Remember one last fact; the dice do not have any sort of memory.  Despite what people may think, the previous roll does not affect the outcome of the next roll.  Start practicing now if you wish to improve your odds of throwing natural 7’s at the craps table.

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