How to Throw a Sinker in Baseball

A lot of pitcher’s want to know how to throw a sinker in baseball. After all the sinker is a great “out” pitch. As the sinker rushes toward the plate, it suddenly sinks down out of the zone making it quite tough for the hitter to hit. And if the hitter does make contact, many times the pitcher will get easy ground ball outs to the infield. Here’s how to throw a sinker in baseball.

Supplies needed to throw a sinker:

  • Baseball
  • Pitching mound
  • Target or catcher
  1. Grip the baseball. In order to throw a sinker in baseball the grip has to be correct.  Place your middle and index fingers close together and grab the baseball so that they are resting inside the parallel seams. Place your thumb under the ball so that it is resting between the seems as well.
  2. Add pressure to your middle finger. The additional pressure to your middle finger will give the sinker ball the dive you are looking for at the end of the pitch. It’s okay the your middle finger isn’t exactly in the middle of the baseball as this will give the sinker a little tail either toward or away from hitters, making it even tougher to hit.
  3. Go into the wind-up. It is important that your pitching motion be the same with each pitch in your rotation. That way the hitter can’t distinguish which pitch is coming his way.
  4. Release the sinker ball. To throw a sinker in baseball make sure you keep that additional pressure on your sinker ball right up until the point of release. Aim the pitch low in the strike zone so that it dives down upon reaching the plate.
  5. You can play with modifications of the sinker grip by grabbing the ball on the seams or switching pressure to your index finger. Each will cause a different rotation of the baseball while still having that same sinking, diving action.
  6. Avoid throwing a sinker high in the strike zone. When you throw a sinker in baseball, if it is too high in the zone, when it sinks, it will sink right into the sweet spot of a hitter’s swing. Keep it low and go for the ground ball outs.

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