How To Throw A Sinker Pitch

Learning how to throw a sinker pitch is surprisingly simple. It's simplicity to learn makes it a popular pitch for many baseball players. There is not the wear and tear on the arm from throwing a sinker pitch as their is with the curveball or screwball. the idea beyond the sinker pitch is to throw it down in the strike zone. The result will be batters swinging over the top of the ball producing plenty of ground ball outs.

  1. Place the thumb on the underside of the ball in the smooth area between the seams. Position your index finger parallel to the seams on the top side of the ball with your middle finger positioned right next to it.
  2. When the ball is thrown, apply pressure to the middle finger to provide the velocity and friction. This is where the ball will generate the sinking action required to drop as it nears the plate.
  3. Be certain to keep your fingers placed on top of the ball until it is released. If you turn your wrist slightly to the side when thrown, the ball will not do much sinking.

When throwing the sinker pitch, there is no need to snap the wrist or generate any cutting action from twisting the wrist. The friction and sinking motion is created by maintaining your finger position on top of the ball as the pitch is thrown. Be sure to keep the ball low in the strike zone so the ball will drop just beyond the lower half of the zone.

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