How To Throw Swingers Orgies

If you’re a swinger, and you like to throw parties, then learning how to throw swinger’s orgies is the logical next step if you want to combine your sex-life and your social life. While it might seem that all you need to throw swinger’s orgies is a venue and willing participants, you should know that there is a bit more planning involved. These tips should be helpful.

  1. Find nearby swingers. This seems obvious but it’s important. To throw swinger’s orgies you need to find local swingers. If you don’t have adventurous friends you can usually find swinger groups online.
  2. Keep it small at first. Conventional orgy wisdom dictates that group-sex beginners should start small before thinking about grandiose sex parties. Sorry size queens. So, when you throw your first swinger’s sex orgy, try to keep the guest list relatively small.
  3. Location. It’s ok to have your guests retreat to different bedrooms at a swinger party, but you’re not throwing a normal swinger party, you’re throwing a swinger’s orgy. The action should be accessible to everyone, so you want to keep everything confined to one or two rooms.
  4. Decide guest-list restrictions. Some people that throw swinger’s orgies like to limit the guest list to couples only, some allow single women or even some single men. Pick a plan and stick to it.
  5. Inform your guests. There is nothing more awkward than showing up at a cocktail party and seeing a bowl full of keys and an Eiffel Tower on the grand piano. Unless you’re trying a sneak-attack seduction with a very small party, make sure everyone knows what they are getting themselves into. Hey, it’s common swinger orgy courtesy.     
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