How To Throw A Wet Football

Though it can be difficult, learning how to throw a wet football is an important skill for a quarterback. Rain, snow, and a muddy field are all great ingredients for football, but a wet ball can cause a lot of frustration. However, if the ball is wet, so is the ground and receivers can often get open while defensive backs slide trying to adjust to the receiver's route. A quarterback that can throw a wet football is a valuable weapon. 

  1. Keep the football as dry as possible. Have the center use a towel before every snap to assure the ball is as dry as possible. Try to use a short cadence in the rain to get the ball into your hands before it gets even wetter. Throwing a wet football is tough enough without it being soaked.
  2. Grip the football with two hands. Drop back and do any ball fakes with both hands on the ball. An ineffective fake hand off is better than a fumble that takes away your chance to throw a wet football.
  3. Take the football back slowly. Keep the ball cocked up by your ear until you are ready to throw as this will keep you from rushing the delivery. Avoid making quick throws into coverage so that you can take the ball back slowly.
  4. Grip the football lightly. Keep your fingers on the laces and your grip soft to help throw a wet football. A tight grip will only make the ball slip from your hands and your throws less accurate.
  5. Don't force the football. When throwing a wet football never force the pass. A forced pass is likely to come out of your hands poorly and inaccurately. For these reasons when throwing a wet football if the pass is questionable, don't try it.

Use these tips when throwing a wet football to improve your chances of success.

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