How To Throw Wiffle Ball Pitches

You're just starting out learning how to play wiffle ball and you want to learn how to throw wiffle ball pitches. Wiffle ball is an amazing sport that many families and friends can enjoy. Wiffle balls pitches look easier to throw than they really are. There are various wiffle ball pitches that can be learned. It's all about learning how to pitch the ball the right way. There are a few different types of pitches that can help get you started with throwing wiffle ball pitches.  

  1. The slider. Hold the ball with the holes on the right side if you are right-handed and the holes on the left side if you are left-handed. With you index finger, middle finger, and thumb make a "C" shape. Don't cover the holes with your hand. Throw the wiffle ball as hard as you can and it should curve to the left or right depending on what hand you use. The faster that you can throw the wiffle ball pitch the more it will curve.
  2. The screwball. Face the hole upright on the wiffle ball and place your four fingers together over the holes. As you proceed to throw the ball take your ring and pinkie finger off of the ball while still keeping them curved right beside the other two fingers. As the ball releases from your fingers twist your wrist outwards while throwing your wiffle ball pitch.
  3. The curveball. Hold the wiffle ball between your index and middle fingers. To keep the ball stable touch your thumb and index finger together. Make sure that the holes are facing the left side and then throw the ball as hard as you can. The wiffle ball should curve downward if you throw it fast enough.  
  4. The Knuckler. Place your fingers on the side with no holes. Put your ring finger, your middle finger, and your index finer on the ball and put your thumb underneath the ball for support. When you release the wiffle ball pitch throw it downwards as you snap your wrist. The ball will do such a crazy float that hitters will be confused.
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