How To Tie An Ascot Scarf For Men

Many people don’t know how to tie an ascot scarf for men. This classic style falls somewhere between a tie and a scarf and can lend an elegant, sophisticated touch to many occasions. The traditional way to wear an ascot scarf tucked into your shirt is called a day cravat. Tying an ascot scarf in a day cravat isn’t difficult when you know the right steps.

Things you'll need:

  • Ascot scarf
  1. Drape the ascot. To begin tying the day cravat, place the ascot tie loosely around the back of your neck and allow the left end to hang a few inches longer than the right end. You will generally want the top button of your shirt to be open to allow space to tuck the tie in at the end.

  2. Loop the ascot scarf. Wrap the left end of the ascot scarf around the right end one full loop and a second half loop. Finish by pulling it up through the center loop. The original left end should now be sitting directly on top of the original right end of the fabric. You may need to adjust it a bit to get the ascot to look right. After you tie a few ascot scarves, this process will be very quick and easy.

  3. Position and secure the ascot. Center the top piece of fabric and spread it out so that it covers the rest of the tie. The fabric should spread out from the base of your neck and small ripple creases should be visible. A looser ascot will generally look less formal than a tightly knotted one. Tuck the ends of the ascot into the top of your shirt. You can also secure the ends with a pin to hold it in place.

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