How To Tie A Belay Knot

Learning how to tie a belay knot is an essential for any rock climber. A belay knot will enable you to properly and securely tie your belay device. Learning how to tie a belay knot is actually a very simple process. There are several types of different knots which can be used a belay knot. One of the most common and useful knots to use as a belay knot is the "Italian hitch" also referred to as the "munster hitch". Very simple to tie and utilize, the "Italian hitch" makes a great safe and secure belay knot.

  1. Start the knot. Start the belay knot by running the rope through the belay device. Open the device to run the rope through the belay device.
  2. Make a loop. Take the rope in your hands and make a loop in the rope. Do not remove the rope from the belay device, make a look in the rope while it is still running through the belay device.
  3. Form the knot. Form the belay knot by running the belay device through the loop. Ensure that you pass the belay device through the loop formed in step two, do not make a new loop.
  4. Finish the belay knot. Pull the rope to tighten the belay knot. Close the belay device and pull the belay knot tighter if necessary.

The Italian hitch knot is a great belay knot but it can also serve other functions in rock climbing as well. When using the Italian hitch, make a slight twist to your belay device to prevent the rope from twisting.



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