How To Tie Bolo Knot

Learning how to tie bolo knot is pretty complicated. Bolo knots aren't like tying your shoes. A bolo knot is unique in that it's one of the few knots that you can continue to reinforce over and over again. Because of this, the initial tying of the bolo knot is incredibly confusing to an inexperienced person. Well, the only way to get experience tying a bolo knot is to practice. Check out this play by play. It won't have you tying bolo knots in a matter of seconds, but it will teach you how to eventually tie a solid bolo knot. But, once again, it's up to you to practice.

What you need:

  • a rope
  1.  Starting it off. Start by holding one end of the rope in your palm. Wrap the rope around your hand three times. Take the end of the rope you've been holding in your palm and slide it over the back of the wrapped rope. Pull the end of the rope back over into your palm. There should be three wraps around your palm. The slack of the rope should be the middle wrap because you pulled the end of the rope up and over towards your fingers. Confused yet?
  2. Next. Pull the part of the rope closest to your wrist over the middle strand of rope making an opening. Now, pull the original end through the recently made loop. Remove your hand from the new, loosely formed knot. Notice how the rope is crisscrossed in a circular pattern.
  3. Pull the end through. In order to complete the bolo knot, you just have to weave the original rope end through the crisscrossed holes. The bolo knot should be loose enough for you to pull the rope end through all of the loops without much difficulty.
  4. Doubling the bolo knot. If you want to strengthen the bolo knot, it's pretty simple at this point. Just take the other end of the rope and weave it through the loops in the opposite direction. You can repeat this action as much as you want until the bolo knot is as strong as you want it to be. To tighten the knot, all you have to do is pull both ends of the rope.



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