How To Tie A Chef Scarf

 By following these basic instructions, you can learn how to tie a chef scarf. Traditionally, a chef's scarf was used to absorb the sweat that was on a chef's neck as she or he prepared meals over a hot stove or oven. Today, the chef's scarf is used more as a sign of rank, or may be part of a uniform. 

  1. Place a square scarf on a flat surface. Fold two corners of the scarf together, forming a triangle. Fold approximately two inches of the two "loose" ends of the triangle back towards the flat side of the triangle. Continue folding the scarf until it is one long piece, around two inches wide.
  2. Place the scarf around the neck. The two "ends" of the scarf should be in front of both shoulders.
  3. Use both hands to hold the respective ends of the scarf. Using the right hand, bring the right end of the scarf across the top of the left end of the scarf. Pass the right end of the scarf around and behind the left end. Finally, pass the right end through the opening of the scarf at the neck. The end of the scarf that was originally held by the right hand will now be held by the left hand. Pull on both ends of the scarf, tightening it securely. 
  4. This time, bring the left end of the scarf across the top of the right. Continue bringing the left end of the scarf around the right end and pass it through the opening created by this move.
  5. Carefully adjust the knot to meet your preferences. Ideally, both ends of the scarf should hang evenly from both sides of the knot.
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