How to Tie a Climbing Harness With Webbing

Do you want to learn how to tie a harness with webbing? This may be the lightest and smallest way to have a trusty harness available within seconds. But remember, a harness made and sewn for the purpose will always be more comfortable and safer.

To tie a harness using webbing, you will need:

  • 12 feet of one inch wide synthetic webbing. If the harness will be used by a child or a smaller adult, this lenght may be reduced.
  • A locking carabiner, or two non locking carabiners used with their gates facing opposite directions.

The process of tying a harness with webbing are:

  1. Fold the webbing in exact halves, and make a loop in the middle point.
  2. Stick the loop in the harness user´s waistband, belt or simply tell him to hold it there.
  3. Pass both remaining ends of webbing between his legs, and then make them go around, one side on each leg, and meet back at the front.
  4. Make each rope go between the waist loop and the legs, and then back outside, holding one in each hand.
  5. Tighten both ends, releasing the loop from the waist, and forming a pair of X´s as you pull both sides to their outsides.
  6. Make each side go around the waist starting backwards, describing opposite loops twice.
  7. After two loops, tie both ends with a square or reef knot. As opposed to circular rope, webbing will not slip with these type of knot.
  8. Cut off excessive webbing seven inches away from the square knot.
  9. Clip and lock the carabiner from bottom to top of the intersection at the bellybutton.
  10. Test the harness by sitting on it while being held from the carabiner at ground level.

This is just one way to tie a harness using webbing, there´s many more that can be as effective. But none will provide comfort with such an easy sequence and in so little time.

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