How to Tie a Double Alpine Butterfly Knot for Climbing

Learning how to tie a Double Alpine Butterfly knot is essential for climbing and not too difficult to learn how to fasten. The Double Alpine Butterfly knot provides great support for a carabiner. The Double Alpine Butterfly knot can be used to double loop and object or allow multiple objects to be fastened. The Double Alpine Butterfly knot is a versatile knot but not needed in most application in climbing. The Double Alpine Butterfly knot is a great knot to learn if you are in need of double knots. The Double Alpine Butterfly knot is extremely safe and does not degrade the rope that much. Below are instructions on how to tie the Double Alpine Butterfly knot. These may be modified to meet your liking as you learn to master the Double Alpine Butterfly knot.

  1. If the rope is coiled, uncoil some to tie the knot. Wrap the rope (loosely) around your hand so there are four strands across your palm. In your mind, number the strands one through four from left to right.
  2. Move the first strand and place it over the forth strand. Next, take the second and third strands and place them on the other side of the first strand. Your strand should read four, one, two and three across your palm from left to right.
  3. Now, pull strands two and three under strands four and one. It should appear on your palm as a circle (not perfect) around strands four and one at the top and bottom. Dress the knot by pulling strand two and three and strands four and one apart.
  4. Complete the dressing by taking the rope and pulling both ends. You should have two loops lying beneath the alpine knot. Tighten at each point and the Double Alpine Butterfly knot is ready for use.



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