How To Tie A Double Bowline Knot

Learning how to tie a double bowline knot will teach you how to tie the most used knot in mountain climbing. The double bowline knot is used for the climber’s harness. The double bowline knot provides the best knot for this purpose. The double bowline minimally degrades the rope and provides a safe and quick knot. The double bowline can be tied while climbing, easily making the double bowline the logical choice in climbing knots. Learning how to tie a double bowline knot is a process of loops and intertwined leads which is outlined below. Take a moment to review tie article and learn how to properly tie a double bowline knot.

Climbing is a demanding and popular sport. Learning knots and other strategies to increase your ability and safety is necessary. The more you know, the better off you will be. Take note of all the knots in the climbing cycle. Not all have particle applications but many are useable at some time in the sport.

How to tie a double bowline knot:

  1. Near the ends of the climbing rope, create two small circles. Lay the two circles on tom of one another. Thread the end of the rope under and through the two circles.
  2. Continue the thread and place it under the other side of the climbing rope. Thread the climbing rope back over and through the two circles. You should have threaded the rope under then back over and through the two circles.
  3. Dress the knot by pulling through and tighten. Add a stopper, or basic knot just above the dressed knot for additional security. Tighten and gain and you have completed the knot.



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