How To Tie A Double Half Hitch Knot

The double hitch knot is a basic knot to learn how to tie. The double hitch knot is an important knot with primary applications in tennis or racquet stringing. The mechanics of the double hitch knot are straightforward and the double hitch knot is a quick learn. The application is for the end of mains or crosses and benefits the climber immensely. The double hitch knot provides added security and hold to maintain confidence in the tennis or racquetball game. The process below will step you through the mechanics for a double hitch knot.

To die a double half hitch knot you will need:

  • Tension rope or tennis string
  • Tying rope
  1. Place the rope over the object or anchor string. Then move it under and through the rope to place it around the object or anchor string. This is known as the acronym “OUT” for over, under and through.
  2. You want to cinch the rope tightly around the object or anchor string. To do this move the end of the rope forward and back until it pinches against the anchor. The push forward then pulling back motion will cinch the rope tight against the base.
  3. The double portion of this knot is the repeat of the “OUT” or step one. This time you do not need to cinch the rope, simply pull it tight. This will bulk up the knot. Not just cut the tail and you are finished.

Knots provide many benefits. Learning to tie knots for the proper application is a wonderful skill to have. Knots can be used around the house and outdoor activities. Check out a variety of knots and discover the multiple applications they offer.

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