How To Tie A Double Knot

Learning how to tie a double knot is very similar to learning how to tie a regular not. Learning how to tie a double knot essentially involves learning how to tie a single knot and adding a second loop. Learning how to tie a double knot will be a lot easier with prior experience in tying a common knot although it is not necessary. This guide will show you how to tie a double knot and includes the steps to tie a single knot.

Things you'll need:

  • Rope
  1. Position the rope. Position the rope or other object to be tied out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Cross the rope over to form a loop.
  2. Pull the loop. Take the side of the rope to the right and wrap it through the loop. Pull the string to form the loop. This is how to form a single knot, which is the first step in forming a double knot.
  3. Form another loop. Using steps one and two, form another loop in the rope just as you formed the first loop. A double knot gets its name from the two knot configuration, which is created by forming two individual knots.
  4. Finish the double knot. Pull the rope to tighten the second knot. Gently push the knot together to form double knot. Take your time to position the two knots together, resulting in a nice and neat double knot.


  • Practice tying a double knot with thin string or yarn as it is easier to maneuver.
  • Attempt to make a double knot several times to perfect the appearance of the knot.