How To Tie Double Knot

Having your shoes come untied occasionally can be dangerous if not just annoying, so you need to know how to tie a double knot. Single knot tying methods easily come untied with any person on a regular basis, despite how much they have really been on their feet that day. Tying a double knot will save you from having to retie your shoes too often, or worse, an accident from them coming untied. Even if you haven't tied a double knot before, or any knot at all, the following guide will explain exactly how to do so. There may be several, if not just two, popular ways to arrive at a single knot. There is the "loop swoop and pull method", and the "Bunny Ears" method of tying that first knot. However, tying the second knot is always the same despite which knot you tied to get there. Tying the second knot is just like the "Bunny Ears" method of tying the first knot. To tie both knots this way,

  1. Tie a single knot. Start of by crossing both ends of lace around each other so that each end of lace is pointing opposite the direction previously, then make a "bunny ear" with each end of lace by doubling the lace over itself. Next tie the "bunny ears" together and around each other like you would any other knot.
  2. Tie the double knot. Just repeat the previous step by tying the resulting sets of "Bunny Ears" together. Now you are done! To further prevent the shoes from coming untied, or the laces getting caught or pulled, you may tuck the "bunny ears" in the side of your shoe. You may also run the ears back through some of the laces. May your shoes never come untied again!



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