How To Tie A Double Prusik Knot

If you know how to tie a single Prusik knot, then you already know how to tie a double Prusik knot. Prusik knots frequently contain two or three wraps based on the user's preference, so the single, double or triple, is based on the number of wraps. Instructions for single Prusik knots will often say to add extra wraps for added security. A Prusik knot is also known as a triple sliding hitch. The "triple" refers to the number of wraps.

  1. Wrap a cord tied in a loop around the rope by placing the looped cord under the rope and bringing the wrap over the front. This cord is tied together using a double fisherman’s knot. This type of looped cord is called a Prusik loop.
  2. As the cord completes the wrap, bring it to the back of the rope by passing it inside the previous loop.
  3. Repeat Step 2 two more times. You will have a total of three wraps-the first one in Step 2, plus two more wraps.
  4. On the last wrap, pull the cord tight so that the loop tightens over the wraps. Make sure all the wraps are single file, uniform in shape and close together. They should not be crossing each other, piled on top of each other or loose.
  5. If you need the knot to slide up and down a rope, it is better to keep it somewhat loose.

The name of the Prusik knot comes from the man who developed it in 1931, the former president of the Austrian Mountaineering Club, Dr. Karl Prusik.

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