How To Tie A Fashion Scarf

Wondering how to tie a fashion scarf? A scarf, if properly tied, can definitely add a glamorous touch to your wardrobe. Keep in mind that the color of your scarf, its material, and its extension need to combine well with your outfit. Take the time to play with your scarf until you find the most fashionable way to enhance your individuality. Lets get started!

  1. Fold the scarf in half. Make sure that both ends meet together.
  2. Hold the scarf from the middle. Wrap your neck with it in a way that the two ends hang on your back.
  3. Hold the left end of the scarf. With your right hand, and bring it around to the front. 
  4. Now, you have both ends of the scarf in front of you. This will give you the option on how tight or how loose you want to wear it (it also depends of the length of your scarf). 
  5. Take one of the ends. Wrap it around the scarf that covers your neck passing  it over that part as many times as needed.
  6. Take the other end. Repeat the process in step five.
  7. Hide both ends. Make sure both ends are hidden from view behind the scarf or your top.    
  8. The two ends of your scarf then highlight your own scarf in a very fashionable way.
  9. Accessorize. Attach a pin of your school, favorite group, or favorite sports team at a spot on the scarf where you think that it will add to your fashion statement.



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