How To Tie A Figure 8 Double Loop

Here are instructions for how to tie a figure 8 double loop. The figure eight double loop knot is the most accepted and used way to attach a climber to the end of a rope. It provides a static, reliable hold with just few easy steps. Also, disassembling the knot is easy compared with other tension knots. The double figure eight knot must always be tied carefully to ensure the climber´s safety.

To tie a figure eight double loop, you will need:

  • A piece of rope, at least five feet long.
  • A harness, or a belt to fix the knot.
  • An anchor away from your body.
  1. Hold the rope by one of it´s ends.
  2. Make a bite, or a 180 degree bend, one arm length away from the end.
  3. Twist the bite to complete a full loop.
  4. With the opening upwards, take the loose end of the rope and make it go all the way trough the loop. This forms your initial figure eight.
  5. Take the loose end of the rope and make it go trough the harness. There´s different types of harness that have different points to tie the figure eight knot. Check the harness for manufacturer´s instructions, usually printed on the sides of the belt.
  6. Make the loose end of the rope go parallel to the side with the figure eight once it went trough the harness. This way, you will have the figure eight and the rope parallel to it.
  7. Extend the loose end until the figure eight is five to seven inches away from your belt.
  8. With the eight in front of you, make the loose end of the rope go parallel to the rope with the eight, staring with the right side, and following the exact shape of the other rope. To do this, you will have to loose the eight a bit. Remember not to loose it too much, as it will loose it´s shape. The choice of side to start is arbitrary, but each climber has to choose one and make himself a routine to follow, to ensure that the knot comes out the same way every time.
  9. Once you have both lines of rope going parallel all the way trough the eight, you have a figure eight Double Loop tied to your harness. Make it tight, double check for the rope to go trough the right openings, and then use the remaining rope on the loose end to tie a seaman´s knot over the fixed line. This way you will not be bothered during climbing.
  10. To untie the figure eight double loop knot, you have to push the parallel ropes into the figure eight. Depending on how loaded the knot was, it will come out with more or less resistance.
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