How To Tie A Full Windsor Knot

If you wear ties, you may want to know how to tie a full Windsor knot. There are several different knots for tying neckties, including the half Windsor knot and the 4-in-hand knot. The full Windsor knot is a necktie style for formal occasions, named after the Duke of Windsor. It requires more fabric to tie than either the half Windsor knot or 4-in-hand knot.

You will need:

  • A Necktie
  1. Begin the full Windsor knot by draping the tie around your neck with the wide end on your right. Pull the wide end down so it is about one foot lower than the narrow end.
  2. Pull the wide end to the left so it crosses over the narrow end. Draw it under the narrow end and through the top loop.
  3. Wrap the wide end behind the narrow end and bring it up through the loop again.
  4. Bring the wide end back to the right, then pull it up through the top loop a third time. Leave a loose loop at the front of the tie.
  5. Push the wide end through the front loop. Tightening the full Windsor knot should create a triangle shape at the front of the tie.
  6. Hold the knot and pull on the narrow end to pull the full Windsor knot up to your collar. 

Tip:  Since the full Windsor knot requires you to wrap the tie around itself several times, it works best with ties made of thin fabric. Thicker ties will become too bulky to work with.



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