How To Tie Head Scarf

For men, learn how to tie a head scarf the right way for every occasion and look great no matter what. If you show up with the wrong head scarf or have it tied wrong, your date will have a “headache” and go home. Others may be attracted that you might not appreciate.

  1. Use the loose head scarf tie for windy days and a lightweight jacket. Use a lightweight, thin scarf and drape it around your neck from back to front. Loosely tie the scarf once, so the tie hangs below your neck about chest height. Put your jacket on and go have fun.
  2. The slip knot head scarf works for cold days and coats. Choose a scarf at least five to six feet long. Fold in half, creating a loop at one end. Drape around the neck, place the two ends through the loop and draw the loop closed around the neck. Tuck the scarf into the coat or leave loose.
  3. A less formal, but useful is the common drape for a men’s head scarf. Under a bicycle helmet, construction helmet, police hat, baseball hat and so on, this keeps your ears warm. Drape the scarf over the head, making sure the ears are covered. Tie the scarf under the chin and place your hat over it.
  4. Tie a head scarf to make a mock turtleneck for those “cold-but-not-coat-wearing-weather.” Use a solid, dark colored short scarf. Wrap the scarf around the neck, tucking the ends in to resemble a turtleneck. Wear with bicycle gear, a light sweater or jacket.
  5. Tie a winter head scarf knot for a classy look that won’t blow away in the wind. Put the scarf around the back of your neck, with a two foot length in your left hand and the rest in your right. Bring the short end over the long end, loop the long end around your neck  forming a loop in your left hand. Put the long end through the loop and pull both ends to tighten the knot.
  6. For an “uptown” head scarf look, tie it like a tie. Again, hold one end of your scarf short and the other long. Place the long end over the short, continue underneath and around the front, then down through the loop created in the front of the short end. Pull snug, or leave loose.
  7. Tie your scarf like a cowboy bandana for a western headscarf look. Fold the bandana to make a triangle, and tie it around your neck. Leave space between the bandana and the collar of your shirt.
  8. Dress to impress by tying your scarf like an ascot. Loop your scarf around your neck and tie with a single tie. Work the ends so that one side is on top and the other is on the bottom. Spread the top so it’s width is spread over the tie, and tuck into your jacket or robe.
  9. A cravat is less formal, but far more classy for your head scarf tie. Using a thin high quality scarf, drape it around the neck with one end longer than the other. Bring the long end all the way around the short end, and then up under the neck loop. Bring the top down, and spread the scarf out so it covers the loop. Tuck into your shirt.
  10. When all else fails, tie your head scarf the simple way. Drape it around your neck and tie a simple square knot. Do not pull this too tight or you’ll have trouble getting it undone. With striped scarves, this looks handsome.


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