How To Tie A Hitch Knot

Learning how to tie a hitch knot is a very simple process once you understand what a hitch knot actually is. A hitch knot is any knot that is tied to another object, whether it be a rope, a post, a tree or even another person! While some hitch knots are made for bearing light  loads, such as the half hitch knot, others are made for heavy loads and are more reliable, like the prusik knot.

  1.  If you want to learn how to tie a hitch knot, you will first need to gather the proper materials. You will need a rope and some type of object, hopefully one that is inanimate or at least not human. Please note that even if he requests it, tying your little brother (or other pesky relatives) up with a hitch knot is probably illegal in most areas.
  2. Learn about the variety of hitch knots. There is the half hitch knot, which is made for very light loads. The cow hitch is made for exactly what the name insinuates, tethering cows and other at least semi-docile animals. The trucker's hitch is used to hold tarps and other items steady through the activity of driving and motion. Tow half hitches is more sturdy than one, but still not as reliable as the prusik knot.
  3. Decide what type of hitch knot you are going to need. You can do this by thinking of the durability the knot will need. Once you learn  how to tie a hitch knot or several types of hitch knots, you will be able  to easily estimate what type of hitch knot you will need.
  4. Create the knot. Once you decide what type of hitch knot you need, you may need to learn how to tie that particular  knot. Learning how to tie a hitch knot can be loads of fun as you experiment with different types of hitch knots and their uses. To learn more about different types of hitch knots, feel free to browse this  site  where you can learn how to tie a half hitch knot, a prusik knot and a variety of other types of knots.
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