How To Tie A Jiu Jitsu Belt

Learning how to tie a Jiu Jitsu belt is a fundamental process for the Jiu Jitsu aficionado. Proper tying of a Jiu Jitsu belt shows proper preparation. Proper tying of a Jiu Jitsu also show respect to the sport. Each Jiu Jitsu fighter should learn to properly tie the Jiu Jitsu belt as part of the introduction to the sport. The Jiu Jitsu belt is the indicator to your level and mastery of the sport. As part of the uniform, the Jiu Jitsu belt is a display of pride and membership to this elite community. Learning to properly tie a Jiu Jitsu belt is outlined in this article below. Pay respect to the sport and tribute to your dojo by learning the proper way to tie a Jiu Jitsu belt.

You will need:

  • Jiu Jitsu belt

Tip: there really is only one way to tie it. However, some embellish the tying or the belts.

  1. Fold the belt in half to find the middle. Spread the belt out and place the middle of the belt over your belly button. Run the belt around your stomach over your back. At your back you will cross the Jiu Jitsu belt over itself. It will make and ‘X’ at the middle of your back.
  2. Pull the Jiu Jitsu belt back around to the front. Be careful to keep the belt-doubled over as best as possible. Otherwise, the belt will look sloppy over your waist. You can do this by tucking the belt underneath itself.
  3. In the front now, you will have one layer of the belt on top. The other part of the belt will come out from beneath the tuck. Take the top layer of the belt and cross it over the underneath layer. Push the top portion of the belt underneath the entire belt.
  4. At this point, you can tighten the belt to meet your desire. Next, take the top part of the belt and place it over the bottom part. Reach through the hole and grab the belt, pulling it up to make the knot.
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