How To Tie Karate Belt

Do you want to know how to tie a karate belt? Maybe you just began taking karate classes, you bought your clothing and you want to make sure you tie your karate belt correctly. Learning how to tie your karate belt is an easy thing to do. It will only take a few minutes of your time to learn to tie the belt on your karate uniform.

To tie a karate belt, you will need:

  • A karate belt
  • Karate clothing
  1. Go to a karate supply store and buy your clothing, including your karate belt. Bring your clothing home and walk into your house.
  2. Walk in front of a full-length mirror. Put your karate clothing on and prepare to tie your karate belt. Look at your karate clothing in the full length mirror. It is a good idea to watch yourself as you tie your karate belt.
  3. Take the karate belt and wrap it around your clothing. Make sure both ends of the belt are even in length. Remember, the belt should be tied above your hip bone and the belt should be tied tightly. You do not want the belt to come loose during training.
  4. Place the left side of the belt down and the right side over the top of the left. Pull the tipped end of your karate belt underneath both layers of your belt. Pull the karate belt snug around your waist. Make sure your karate belt is snug, but not so tight it is uncomfortable.
  5. Go to your karate class and ask your instructor if you tied your karate belt correctly. She may give you a few pointers regarding how she wants you to wear your karate belt in her class. After a few tries, tying your karate belt will be like riding a bike. You will do it without having to think about it.
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