How To Tie A Kayak On Top Of A Car

Ever wondered how to tie a kayak on top of a car so that it's secure and doesn't go anywhere? Getting your kayak from your house to the water can be a nerve wracking task. What happens if the kayak isn't secure enough and crashes into another car on the highway? Or If the straps are too tight and it creates a dent in your car? Luckily, by using the proper equipment you can safely transport your kayak to the water without hurting your car.

  • Kayak rack or kayak blocks
  • Kayak
  • Tie down straps with cam buckle
  1. Purchase a roof rack or kayak blocks, to protect the roof of your vehicle. Popular roof rack manufacturer's include Thule and Yakima. If you don't want to invest in a roof rack, get some kayak foam kayak blocks which generally runs between $20-40.

  2. Follow manufacturer instructions to correctly position and install kayak rack/blocks on your car.

  3. Position kayak on roof of your car. You may need a second person to help you lift the kayak. Follow roof rack instructions for positioning kayak. For foam blocks, the kayak needs to be placed on the roof so that the hull is facing up.

  4. Use the tie-down straps and cam buckle to tie the kayak in place. Run one of the straps through the kayak's scupper holes and then it through your car window and secure in place by pressing down on the cam buckle and running the strap through the camp buckle. If you have a roof rack, you should simply tie each end of the strap to either side of the roof rack.

  5. Repeat this process so that you have a straps running through both the front and back scupper holes.

  6. Tighten straps. Press down on the button of the cam buckle and pull more of the strap through to tighten the straps.

  7. Tie off the excess strap.

Warning: Be careful not to over-tighten the straps, as you could end up putting too much of a strain on your car. The straps should feel taut.




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