How To Tie A Klemheist

Need to know how to tie a Klemheist knot? The Klemheist knot is one of the slide-and-grip knots. A cord is tied around another rope and has a loop used for clipping on a load. When the load is attached, the knot grips the other rope. When the load is removed, the knot slides along the other rope. The Klemheist can be tied using cord or webbing. The Klemheist knot is also known as the French Prusik or Machard. It is good to know the alternate names as they are interchangeable. The Klemheist is sometimes spelled Kleimheist. The Klemheist knot starts with a cord that forms a loop known as a Prusik Loop. This is made with the two ends joined together by a double fisherman’s knot. Follow the steps below to tie a Klemheist knot.

  1. Wrap the looped cord around the rope several (at least three) times. Since the cord is doubled because of the loop, there will be six wraps. There will be a remaining tail loop as well as a loop at the top.
  2. Take the bottom tail loop and feed it through the top loop. Pull the bottom loop back down after it is through the top loop. Clip your load to the bottom loop with a carabiner.

Note that the number of wraps in step one will not always be the same. They will change in number depending on the ropes being used and the conditions, such as heavier loads. Make sure you test the knot first. Never pull on the knot itself. Only pull on the bottom loop when clipping on a load. This way, the knot doesn’t slip.





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