How To Tie Knots In Rope

Knots are used in every day life around the world by men, women and children alike. The runner makes a Bow knot in his shoelaces to keep his shoes on his feet. Many fishermen swear by the Clinch knot to attach their hook to the line, but the International Game Fish Association says that the Palomar knot is the strongest one known to man. Sailors use several types of knots on their boats to rig up their sails and Boy Scouts earn badges for learning how to tie knots in rope. When knot tying is done for beauty's sake it is then known as 'macrame.' 

The Overhand knot should be first when learning how to tie knots in rope because not only is it the most basic of all knots, but it is also the most fundamental. It is used in the end of a rope to keep the ends from unraveling or when a knot is required that never needs to be removed. A variety of the Overhand knot is also the base knot needed to construct other more complicated knots like the Noose, Surgeon's knot and the Fisherman's knot.

For tying a knot in rope, the materials and tools needed are:

  • Rope
  • Hands
  1. Hold a length of rope in your hand. Make a loop in the center of the rope.
  2. Hold the section of the rope that crosses itself  with the other hand. With the other hand, put one end of the rope through the loop.
  3. Hold the rope a few inches from the loop. Tug on both ends of the rope until the knot is closed.


  • Be sure to use thick rope when learning how to tie knots in rope because using string will only leave you frustrated and unable to see your work.
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