How To Tie A Martial Arts Belt

Learning how to tie a martial arts belt seems daunting the first time or two. However, it is quite simple once you get the hang of it. Take these steps into account to learn how to tie a martial arts belt.

  1. Place the belt correctly around your waist. Take the middle point of your martial arts belt, and place it just below your stomach.  The belt should be facing to wrap around your waist from the front.
  2. Wrap the belt around your waist fully. Wrap the belt around your waist one full time. Bring the two ends of the belt back to the front of your stomach.
  3. Create the knot for the belt. Place the two ends of the martial arts belt in an "X" shape. Then, similar to tying a shoe, you will bring the bottom end over and through the bottom of the X, creating the knot on the martial arts belt.
  4. Pull the ends tightly to complete tying the martial arts belt. Once you have made the knot, pull the ends as tightly as desired. If the remaining ends are too long, you may choose to create another knot.  This completes tying the martial arts belt.
  5. Ensure the martial arts belt is tied comfortably. As you get used to tying the martial arts belt, there are a few factors that you can try. Some people prefer the belt higher or lower than others; try executing a few kicks once the belt is tied to get a feel for it. Also, you may prefer the belt tied tightly or loosely.  Play around with these factors to get a feel for them.



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