How To Tie Nike Dunks

How to tie Nike Dunks in different ways brings creativity to your appearance, as opposed to the standard bow tie look when lacing your shoes. To make your laces look cool and stand out from other Nike Dunk shoe wearers, get tips from this article to make your Dunks look fashionable, trendy, and unique by straight bar lacing them.

  1. Even out the shoelaces. To tie Nike Dunks, make sure the shoelaces are even and not twisted, because you want a clean, straight look. Place the first shoelace from the bottom of the eyelet and loop them from the inside out. Do the same for the eyelet on the opposite side.
  2. Start lacing the shoes. The next step to tying your Nike Dunks is to take one shoelace and place it in the next eyelet in the second row of your Nike Dunks from the inside out. Now lace them across to the other eyelet; repeat the process with the eyelet on the opposite side, looping the laces from inside the shoe then out. You should have two laces only in one hole. This time, you want to go to two eyelets up with one shoelace, skipping the one eyelet on the other end of the shoe.
  3. Repeat the steps. Continue to repeat the instructions in step 2, going up on two eyelets and skipping one eyelet in each row until your lacing is completed. Your laces should be a decent length to make into a bow or tuck the laces inside your Nike Dunks to hide them.
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