How To Tie A Quick Release Knot

If you manage to keep the following basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to tie a quick release knot. While quick release knots can be used for a variety of reasons, they are most typically used with horses. Often, a horse will spook at the sight of a small animal or bird, and a quick release knot will allow the animal to quickly escape without damage to itself, to others or to property.

  1. To tie a quick release knot, first carefully loop the rope around a post. Make sure that one end of the rope is long and the other end short. For the best results, use a rope that is free from other knots, dirt or debris.
  2. Cross the short end of the rope under the long end of the rope. Carefully cross the short end back over the long end, and pull up on the loop that was created through the circle.
  3. Pull the rope as tight as possible for the best results. In order to release the knot, pull on the loose end. This will pull the loop back through the center of the circle, and will result in the knot being untied quickly.
  4. Practice with the quick release knot in safe settings several times. Do this until you feel comfortable using it in a practical situation. If you are concerned with the level of your knot-tying skills, consult with a local outfitter or sporting goods professional. Someone should be able to give you additional training regarding how to effectively tie a quick release knot. With some practice, you'll be tying great knots in no time!



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