How To Tie Rappelling Knots

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to tie rappelling knots. Using properly tied rappelling knots is not only essential for your safety when rock climbing, but can also provide a greater sense of ease and enjoyment. Be sure to practice in a safe location before attempting the rappelling knots in the outdoors!

  1.  To properly tie a rappelling knot, you will need two sturdy ropes. Make sure the ropes are untangled and that you are holding one rope in each hand. The ends of the rope that you want to connect should be in different hands.
  2. Start by crossing the rope in your left hand to the right of the rope in your right hand, and continue to cross it under the rope in your right hand, pulling it through the open loop. Pull both ropes tightly to secure the knot. Repeat this process but switch directions. In other words, start by crossing the rope in your right hand to the left of the rope in your left hand, and continue to cross it under the rope in your left hand. Pull the rope through the open loop, and continue the process described above, switching the directions as indicated.
  3. Hold the ropes on the outside of the knots, and pull the two ropes together to tightly secure the rappelling knots. Be sure to try this rope out in a gym or rock climbing facility first. It can be very dangerous to try out new types of rappelling knots on your own in the wilderness.



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