How to Tie a Regular Tie Into a Bow Tie

It is fairly simple to learn how to tie a regular tie into a bow tie. If you've never worn a bow tie before, and just want to see if sporting that suave, sophisticated look is right for you, then all you need is a regular tie, which you can turn into a bow tie.

To tie a regular tie into a bow tie, you will need:

  • A regular tie
  • Patience
  1. To start, open the collar of your dress shirt. Make it stand upwards so the collar doesn't get in the way. Then, spread the tie around your neck (like a scarf), leaving the ends hanging free over your chest. The right end side of the tie should hang lower than the left hand side, by about six inches (you needn't use a ruler to measure this, as it doesn't have to be accurate).
  2. Now, cross the right hand side of the tie (the longer end) over the left hand side of the tie (the shorter end). Cross it backwards and upwards through the triangular hole in the middle. Let it freely hang there, but ensure that it doesn't slip out.
  3. To proceed, fold the left hand side of the tie in half and hold it so it sticks out. Fold the right hand side over this half and tie gently. This forms half of the bow.
  4. Now do the same for the right hand side of the tie. Fold it in half so it sticks out, and fold the left hand side over it and hold. Do not pull tightly, as this will ruin the bow.
  5. After you tied the loop in step three, it made a loop in the back of the bow tie. You should push the larger folded part into this loop, and the shorter folded end into the shorter end. Then pull both sides to complete the bow tie. Pull your collar back down.
  6. Now just stand in front of a mirror and keep adjusting the bow tie. Pull on both ends until you are satisfied with the look.



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