How To Tie Rope For Climbing

Do you want to know how to tie rope for climbing? There are a few knots that are basic for climbing. But the one you need to know is the figure 8 follow through knot, mostly used for fixing a rope to a climber´s harness.

What you need to tie a rope for climbing is:

  • A climbing rope.
  • A climber with a harness.
  1. Grab the climbing rope by one of it´s ends.
  2. Tie an overhand knot three feet away from the rope´s end.
  3. Make the end of the rope go through the belay loop on the climber´s harness, until the overhand knot is two inches away from the harness.
  4. Make the end of the rope meet the overhand knot and follow one of the threads in and out of the knot. At this stage you should see two ropes that go parallel through the knot.
  5. Tighten the knot and check it´s shape.
  6. If there´s a lot of rope remaining on the loose end, tie a seaman´s knot around the long line, not to leave this section loose and bothering your maneuvering.
  7. A Prusik knot will enable you to make a relatively fixed point on a rope or pole, using a rope loop. The loop is made by tying a section not shorter than three feet using a double fisherman´s knot.
  8. To tie the Prusik, wrap the loop around the main rope or pole three times, every loop inside the previous.
  9. Hang on the Prusik as parallel to the main rope as possible, enabling friction to give you better grip.
  10. To climb using a Prusik knot, just loosen the loop and slide it upwards, then hang on it downwards again for friction.

Even though there are virtually thousands of useful climbing knots, with these two you have enough for starting to practice, and then look for your preferred climbing knots.



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