How To Tie A Scarf Like Kanye

Learning how to tie a scarf like Kanye is easy. Learning how to create his signature over the top looks is another beast entirely. Kanye West really only ties his scarves in one of three ways. The actual tying of the scarves takes very little manipulation at all. A few folds and knots and you'll be tying and rocking your scarves just like the unique Kanye West. Here's how to knot your scarves just like Kanye West.

  1. The cowboy style. Kanye West enjoys wearing his thinner scarves in a fashion reminiscent of an old stage coach bandit. Kanye West ties his scarves to look like some sort of colorful cowboy. The cowboy tie technique is really quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to totally unwrap your scarf. Take one end and fold it up towards the opposite end. For those of you that get confused, just imagine making a triangle shape with your scarf. Now, grab one end of the triangle with one hand. And grab the other end of your triangle shaped scarf with the other. With the third point, pointing downwards, tie the two points you're holding behind your neck and let the scarf hang. Simple, right? Now all you have to do is worry about matching your scarf with your clothes so you can try to mirror Kanye West's over the top style.
  2. The wrap around. It's just as easy as it sounds. Drape the scarf over your neck. Then wrap the ends around your neck one more time. All done. You can adjust the scarf to make it as loose or as tight as you like.
  3. The simple knot. Finally, you can create a simple knot tie to look like Kanye West. Take your scarf, and double it up. Wrap it around your neck. With one hand, open the scarf up creating a loop. Now push the loose ends through and tighten the scarf around your neck. See? It's incredibly simple, yet incredibly stylish.
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