How To Tie Shoelaces Behind Tongue

How to tie shoelaces behind the tongue? For most people, shoelaces are purely functional–they keep your shoes from falling off. For others, though, shoelaces provide an opportunity to make a fashion statement. If you like your shoelaces to look neat and together, knowing how to tie shoelaces behind the tongue of your shoe helps you provide a sleeker sneaker profile.

To tie your shoelaces behind the tongue of your shoe, you will need:

  • Shoes that require laces
  • Laces of your choice
  1. Lace your shoes. How your shoes are initially laced will determine how easy it is to tie the laces behind the tongue. While normally the laces would come out of the topmost hole facing to the front, it's easier to tie them behind the tongue if you lace them up so that the laces emerge from the topmost hole toward the inside of the shoe.
  2. Pull the tongue forward. Once the laces are positioned properly, pull the tongue of the shoe forward, slightly out of the way of the laces. The laces should lie loosely behind the tongue, falling to the interior of the shoe.
  3. Tie the laces. Tie the laces behind the tongue in a standard bow, or whatever method you prefer to use to tie your shoes.
  4. Tuck the bow down. Push the tied bow down behind the tongue of the shoe. The bow will be hidden inside the shoe.

This method works better for sneakers or other casual shoes. Dress shoes are usually made of stiffer materials, making it more uncomfortable to have laces tucked inside them. Having a knot between the tongue of the shoe and your foot might prove uncomfortable. If so, try a different type of knot, or simply tuck the loose laces down inside the shoe to hide them.

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