How To Tie A Silk Scarf for Men

Learning how to tie a silk scarf for men is a lot simpler than learning women's scarf tying styles.  Silk scarves have long been a part of women's fashion. Women have a million ways to tie a silk scarf. Scarves have more recently become an acceptable addition to a man's outfit. Lucky for us, there's only four ways to tie a silk scarf that look acceptable for men. If you're one of those guys who likes to incorporate a silk scarf into your outfits, here are the four best styles for tying a silk scarf for men.

  1. The suit and tie method.  You know how to tie a tie don't you? Well, this method of tying a silk scarf is just as simple. Take your silk scarf and place it on your shoulders so both ends are laying down your torso. Adjust the scarf so one side is slightly longer than the other. Wrap the longer side around the shorter side, just like you would do a tie. Pull the longer end through the loop you created. Tighten and adjust it as you see fit. A simple yet masculine style. Come to think of it, most masculine styles are.
  2. A Simple wrap. This is the easiest style for tying silk scarf for men. Lay the scarf out flat. Fold it in half the horizontal way. Then, fold it in half vertically. Wrap the scarf around your neck and bring one side through the loop you created from your vertical fold, creating a make shift knot. Tighten as you see fit.
  3. With a dress coat. This one only works if your wearing a nice dress coat. The hardest part is choosing the men's silk scarf to match the coat. Put your coat on. Wrap the scarf around your shoulders. Then, criss-cross the ends and tuck them under the coat.
  4. The Cowboy… Well sort of. Flatten and unfold the scarf all the way out so it looks like a square. Take one corner and bring it down to the corner on the opposite side making a triangle shape. Then, it's just a matter of throwing it on like the cowboys do. Take two ends of your new triangle shape and tie them together behind your head. Your triangle should be pointing down in the front. Simple, right? More importantly, the style is representative of how to tie a silk scarf for men. 
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