How To Tie A Square Scarf

Knowing how to tie a square scarf gives you a vast array of clothing options. You can dress up a plain shirt or sweater and look great whether you are driving around town or in the office. A scarf makes a big difference in your wardrobe making it a must have clothing accessory. Thus, there are many ways to tie a square scarf.  

  1. Take your square scarf and place it on a table or any other flat surface. Fold the scarf in half then fold it into a triangle. Bring the scarf ends up and lay the pointed edge of the triangle you made earlier down the chest area. Take the square scarf and wrap the ends at the back of your neck. Cross the head scarf ends then tie them underneath the scarf. Make sure the ends are hidden as this displays a neat appearance.
  2. Method two is a simple process like the first instructions. Obtain the head scarf and lay it on your dresser or a table. Fold the scarf in half in the shape of a triangle. Take the triangle point and roll the square scarf into a long band. Make sure the scarf is roughly two inches or more in width depending on your preference. Place the middle section of your head scarf on the back with the scarf ends handing down the chest area. Take the scarf ends and make a cross wrapping one of the ends around the other and then make a loose knot with the ends hanging down. Determine where you prefer the knot, you might try wearing it in the front or you can have on the side.
  3. Method three is similar to the first and second version. Lay the square scarf on a flat surface area and fold in half to form the triangle. Then, take the scarf to center of the forehead with the scarf point extended in the back of head. Tie your scarf ends on the top of the triangle point securing the scarf. Tying the scarf around the back of the head is a bit cumbersome so you may need some to help you with this step.
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