How To Tie A Truckers Hitch Knot

Learning to tie a trucker’s hitch knot will come in handy whenever you require tension in your knot. The trucker’s hitch knot will prove to be stable when stress or tension is added to the rope for various reasons. The trucker’s hitch acts almost like a pulley, making movement along the rope to provide tension and security. The trucker’s knot is a versatile knot that is simple mechanically but offers a wide range of application. The process below will walk you through the steps to create the trucker’s hitch knot.

Knots have many application and come in many shapes and sizes. One may not realize it but knots are useful in most every aspect of life. For example, you can compare its utility in the sport of climbing as well as in the simple task of tying your shoes. Knots are a large part of what makes things work. The trucker’s knot fits this with a versatile, strong knot that holds several applications.

Things you will need to tie this knot:

  • Rope

How to tie a trucker’s hitch knot:

  1. To begin, make a simple loop in the rope. Preferably, this is done a foot or two from the end of the rope to allow lead way. Make a second loop and pass it through the first loop.
  2. Pull tightly to create a secured loop. Take the other end and place it around an object. Pull the rope all the way around the object bringing the end of the rope back to the loop in the trucker’s hitch knot.
  3. This creates a pulley like action in the rope. If you pull towards the object, it creates tension in the rope. You can tie a quick slippery hitch to secure the rope at any given point.
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